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Ken Martin

Architect, artist, gallery owner, curator, educator, entrepreneur... Ken Martin is all of these and more.

Ken is a prolific artist and an example par excellence of the artists as diarist. He works with passion and speed to capture the essence of place and scene. He works in a variety of media and his work documents his many travels around the UK, Europe and beyond, as well as the renowned music nights he hosted at the View Gallery.

A restless spirit, Ken opened the first View gallery in Liverpool's Hanover Street, before moving the operation to Mathew Street and now online.


Lancashire-born Ken came to the city in the mid-1950s to study architecture at the University of Liverpool, taking his 1st into private practice in the early 1960s; his 1967 circular extension to the Liverpool Playhouse a lasting reminder of his skill and vision.

As head of department at Liverpool Polytechnic in the early 1970s his campaign to move the institution into the then derelict Albert Dock was instrumental in ensuring its survival for future generations. Later, his award-winning design for the city's Conservation Centre and his reimagining of New Brighton's Floral Pavillion only cemented his regional reputation for excellence.

Although now resident in Cumbria, it's fair to assume that some part of Ken's heart, and his art, will always be inextricably linked to Liverpool - a city of dreamers, in which he invested so much of himself.

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