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Joe Hesketh

Joe Hesketh, a born and bred Lancastrian, is at the forefront of the British avant-garde art scene. Her work has been compared to Francis Bacon, Paula Reago and Willem de Kooning in style and quality, and is very much unique in its subject matter and interpretation of life as a young woman in 21st century Britain. 


Following up the critical success of ‘A Pendle Investigation’ shown at The Newman St Gallery, London, Hesketh painted a series of work depicting the life and poetry of Sylvia Plath.

An active member of the reknowned Chelsea Arts Club, Joe was asked to exhibit her work there in a major solo show in 2014, which led to another solo exhibiton in the Chart Gallery on Old Church Street in Chelsea in 2015.

Prices available on request, please call 07875060086

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