Helen Conway

"My current work is  inspired by urban street art and graffiti writing.  If I am not in the studio, I am often traipsing the world, making companions stop, so I can photograph tagged walls and peeling post-ups. I lean precariously out of taxi windows to capture images of graffiti tags. Tracing the shapes and lines in city maps can occupy me for hours.

"I am fascinated by the stories of people’s lives and their cultures, with immigration and city decay and regeneration.  Brick Lane, London, Trastevere, Rome and Kreuzberg, Berlin in particular have been rich sources of inspiration for my current graffiti-inspired art.

"In my latest work I piece or collage cloth bearing fragmented marks and partial text, making compositions and adding detail with spontaneity. I explore how language, fading memories and fractured communication affects our understanding and acceptance of others whose lives are different to ours or with whom we find ourselves in conflict.


"Much of my work deals with transition, boundaries and juxtaposition both visual and cultural."

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At View Two we strive for excellence in customer satisfaction and presentation. All of our images have been photographed with a high quality DSLR Camera and edited with Photoshop CC software to recreate the exact likeness of each art work, as you would see it on your wall. 

However, please be aware that due to difference in displays and their varying resolutions and colour accuracy some pictures may not be 100% accurate in terms of colour and intensity. 

Under UK trading law, full refunds are available if declared within 14 days of receiving the item.