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James Cummins

Born in Liverpool, James now lives in Berlin. His highly collectable work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is represented in many public and private collections worldwide. We have a special relationship with the artist and have sold his pieces for over ten years. 

He combines painting with materials weathered by the passage of time. His recent wall sculptures are made with hospital sheets, fishing nets, rope and wire netting and having lived in Indonesia and India are steeped in the philosophy and metaphysics of the East

Einstein said: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all art and science.” This artist opens our eyes to the transience of matter, with traces and marks that time leaves behind, unerringly questioning our own mortality.    


  • 1999 Lostyle, Berlin “Cave paintings”

  • 2000 Galerie Lampadusa, Berlin “Stein und Leinwand” (Stone and Canvas)

  • 2002 ANTIKE Galerie, Berlin “Dialogue“

    • ANTIKE Galerie, Berlin “Hintergrund“ (Background)

  • 2004 Kirche am Lietzensee, Berlin Triptychon (Church on the Lietzen lake)

    • View 2 Gallery, Liverpool “ Paintings and Matter”

  • 2005 Galleri Duner, Göteborg “Cave Paintings”

    • Nering und Stern Galerie, Berlin “Angst vor der Tyfun”

    • Bundespresseamt,Berlin ”Dacca“

    • View 2 Gallery, Liverpool “Drawings and Paint”

  • 2006 Bundespresseamt, Berlin ” Calligraphy”

    • Nering und Stern Galerie, Berlin “Stones and Men”

    • View 2 Gallery, Liverpool “Sons of Toil”

    • Institute of Psychoanalysis,Berlin “Drama of Attraction”

  • 2007 Galerie Denninger, Berlin Group exhibition

    • Editions Gallery, Liverpool

    • Bundespresseamt, Berlin “Asian-Pacific”

    • Künstlerkolonie Wedding, Berlin Group exhibition

    • Galleri Scandinavia, Gothenburg “Us and Uk”

    • Time Art, Berlin Group exhibition

    • View 2, Liverpool Group exhibition

  • 2008 Gallery Copenhagen,Denmark “Paintings and Objects”

    • View 2,Liverpool “Between the Lines”

  • 2009 Gallery Copenhagen “Pieces”

  • 2010 Gallery Copenhagen “Idea of Form”

    • Ford Fine Art, Florida “Gravity”

  • 2011 Artzu Gallery, Manchester Group exhibition

  • 2012 Artzu Gallery “Searching the way”

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