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Reflections of Merseyside

7th - 23rd April 2017
Open Every Day 12-6pm

Eight sculptures reflecting John Lennon’s life, through good and bad times. The works follow John as he rides the waves of stardom, until his untimely death.

Paul Skellett

Paul is a visual designer / artist / author and publisher working across many mediums from concept to production.

Recently he has designed and published ‘Eight Arms to Hold You’ a photographic study of the Beatles during the making of the film ‘Help!’

Paul produced the animations for the film ‘LOOKING FOR LENNON’.

He has always painted and maintains the opinion that art, along with music, is one of the last human attributes of the individual.

As an artist he has exhibited in London, Tokyo and Paris.


Dave Webster

Dave Webster best known for his life size and large scale sculpture, such as the cold cast statue of John Lennon, the Cavern Club's 'Wall of Fame' and the statues of the Beatles that adorn the front of the Hard Day's Night Hotel in North John Street.

After working on these projects, Dave was left with the original models of Lennon's head from the Casbah, Hamburg, mop top and New York periods, on a shelf in his studio. Working beneath the collection of heads for many years, he mused that despite their diversity in styles, these reflections of were merely a snapshot of Lennon's creative life.

When Get Back Films approached him to see if he would like to be involved in their John Lennon project, an idea that had been fermenting suddenly crystallised. Dave was inspired to make a sculpture depicting all the different emotions and styles that Lennon passed through. From his early childhood in a Liverpool where he counted among his influences Alice in Wonderland and Just William, to his later more rebellious and charismatic stages of fame; Webster has managed to capture the ebb and flow of John's brief life in 'Looking for Lennon.'

A sculptor and painter since youth, Dave worked originally with wood, creating sculpture, intuitively moving with the natural grain. After years of producing works in many other materials he has now returned to this medium.

Since retirement, Dave as resumed painting, inspired by a fascination of the sea and sailing traditional craft. He spends much of his time in the study of Ecology and the observation of nature, looking for shapes and patterns and bringing these themes into his work.


Graeme Wilson

Making images has been a constant throughout Graeme Wilson's life; from fine art education through a career founding a design and print company specialising in large format screen process print-work.

Graeme jokes that he was perhaps the only one of his contemporaries not in a band during those heady days when Liverpool was the centre of the music world. Art school trained during the early sixties, he was, however, in good company with the other painters, poets and musicians of his time drawing inspiration from the 'Pool of Life'.

The coast is a continuing motif throughout his work. From cluttered docksides to wide open expanses, he finds Britain's coastline fascinating in all aspects. His characteristically unfettered, impressionistic style best renders waves, skies and rocky cliffs of this isle, whilst his imagery of boats and craft tends towards observed detail.

Coming back to painting more regularly in recent years, he has used wooden pallet tops as canvas, ironically sourced from the print industry where they are used to protect shipments of paper.


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