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Joseph Louis Casartelli Microphotograph Slide Maker, before demolition

73cm x 76.5cm




Born in Belfast 1973, John Stewart had the love of art at an early stage when starting to paint mural boards at Beechfield Primary School for the corridors under his art classes young as 8 years old Later in life his talent became noticed at Ashfield Boys Secondary school attending art and design classes at his classes he took a lot of interest in poster writing and was asked by his instructors to paint posters for a local circus at the age of 15 there he decided to take O and A levels in art and design and loved what he was doing. His results set him up leaving school and becoming a stained glass artist at a Belfast decorative glass studio where he sketched designs for church stained glass windows as well as signwriting, painting and glass engraving was his duties. 

John Stewart - Casartelli Building, Liverpool

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